Here's how I prepare my clients for heavy overhead work days:

1. 20 pass throughs with pvc - bring hands together little by little such that they are as close to one another as possible without forcing you to bend your elbows during any portion of the pass

2. foam roller - cervical down to lumbar spine, then posterior chain (note: when the roll is level of shoulder blades, hug yourself to draw your shoulder blades apart)

3. chest opening/shoulder ext rotation - make a right angle at the elbow, flatten your arm against the wall approximating your arm pit as closely as possible, rotate outside shoulder gently away as if you are turning to look behind you


5. shoulder extension - OR 

6. lumbar spine (quadratus lumborum) - fast fwd to the 6:00 mark

7. ext rotation of knee/hip

8. cat cow -

9. dead hang from pull-up bar - 60s total (continuous or accumulated)

10. jefferson curl -

11. Thoracic bridge -

12. thoracic spine mobility - (the first two vids)

13. 25 calf raises then calf stretches against the wall